Why I Stopped Nutriiveda…And Then Started Again

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

“The more I have read and learned about childhood conditions such as ADHD, allergies, learning disabilities, apraxia, autism et al, the more it is clear to me that nutrition is an essential aspect of treating each of these conditions. Many of our children’s guts are not healthy, and are unable to absorb adequate nutrition, even on a healthy diet. I strongly believe NV is one way to address this issue.” ~Gretchen Hannoush M.D., parent of a special needs child 4 Reasons From 4 Families There are a number of reasons parents may stop NV, but most restart again.  Reasons for stopping... 

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Wyatt with his Mom and Dad (and Mickey)

Hope In Apraxia; Wyatt’s Journey To Defeat Apraxia Of Speech

Sunday, November 3, 2013

“As an attorney I am trained to find the truth in order to be a zealous advocate, so from that point forward all I did was research the subject of apraxia of speech”~Katie Peters-Larson Wyatt with his Mom and Dad (and Mickey) As a first time mom I was perplexed when my son failed to do certain activities that I knew other kids his age where doing such as smiling frequently, cooing, babbling, making eye contact, imitating others, sticking out his tongue, blowing bubbles and raspberries. I told myself and others that he was a serious baby that was just quiet. Little did I know that my... 

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Jake’s Oral and Verbal Apraxia Gets Nutritional Help While Waiting Over A Year For An SLP

Sunday, May 19, 2013

“NV truly has been a miracle, not just for Jake, but for our entire family”~Angela, Jake’s mom Jake and his little brother 2013 “As far as his expressive language goes treat him like he is a deaf child. Teach him sign language & get him an aid in school so he can be mainstreamed with a signing aid. Also get him a speaking device that will ease his frustration.” ~Jake’s first pediatric neurologist Imagine hearing that from your child’s pediatric neurologist when your child is only two and a half years old. Jake now has a different pediatric neurologist,... 

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"Now Colton brings me books to read"

Nutritional Effects On Learning

Friday, May 10, 2013

“Nutrition isn’t a fleeting affair, we are, quite literally, what we eat as well as what our parents and even grandparents ate.” Randy L. Jirtle, Ph.D. Director of the Epigenetics and Imprinting Laboratory Duke University “Now Colton brings me books to read” According to the Society for Neuroscience, Diet and the brain, from March of 2003, studies revealed that diets with high levels of saturated fats actually impair learning and memory. That was a decade ago! Since then there is a growing wealth of research that links poor food choices to impaired learning and lower IQ, and healthy... 

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Nutriiveda Original meets the criteria of the Feingold Association for the  Feingold Diet for ADHD since February 2012

Diet May Help ADHD More Than Drugs

Friday, March 15, 2013

“One estimate is that 10% of children are being diagnosed with ADHD.  I’m not saying there is no such thing, I just don’t believe it’s an epidemic. If you sit children down hour after hour doing low grade clerical work, don’t be surprised if they start to fidget. Children are not for the most part suffering from psychological conditions, they are suffering from childhood.” ~Sir Ken Robinson Nutriiveda Original meets the criteria of the Feingold Diet According to a study published in The Lancet journal diet may help ADHD more than drugs.  Listen to an NPR Podcast here.  But that is... 

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Finley age 5 and Kieran age 4 are brothers diagnosed with autism

Brothers With Autism Respond to Nutritional Treatment-Is This Rare?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

“I was told my kids may never talk. Well poo on that! Look at em now!” ~ Shannon Stilwell Finley age 5 and Kieran age 4  The CDC Now Estimates That One in Fifty Children Has An Autism Diagnosis, and yet in spite of numerous studies, little is known how to best help those children diagnosed with conditions like autism and apraxia. Many saw the headlines Published Online September of 2012 like this one in Nature Amino-acid deficiency underlies rare form of autism.  We have numerous examples to show that nutritional strategies helping are far from rare, in fact it appears to be common. Below... 

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Remarkable Progress In A Child Born Missing Part Of His Frontal Lobe

Friday, August 31, 2012

“Connor, age 4 1/2 has a lot more going on than typical apraxia. he has a rare chromosomal deletion and is missing part of the brain’s frontal lobe.  I was a skeptic at first but I hope others can see this.  NV Original has changed him so much, his SLP, OT and teacher have all noted his improvements.” ~Connor’s mom Sarah Connor Prior to Nutriiveda (NV original) we had to prompt Connor to say anything other than mama papa or hi.  He was essentially nonverbal and we didn’t know if he would ever speak.  He didn’t start walking until he was 2 1/2 and even then... 

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A Voice For A Teen Who Grew Up With Apraxia

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.” – A surprising quote from James Earl Jones, one of the iconic voices of our time. James Earl Jones stuttered as a child and took acting lessons to help, but as he says, he will always be a stutterer. Kari is a teenager who grew up with apraxia Kari is a teenager who grew up with apraxia.    She has been in speech therapy for just about her entire life and is still in speech therapy today.  She has never taken fish oils, and hearing about how NV original was working for children, she... 

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Make A Wish That Nutriiveda Original Will Help My Teenage Daughter With HSAN type 2

Thursday, April 26, 2012

“Getting healthy nutrition into Sophie’s body that she was able to digest and utilize and that wouldn’t cause the dangerous and painful GI tract pseudo-obstruction issues was so desperately needed. Nutrition from NV Original  has taken my daughter to a whole new level of comfort- and happiness almost all the time for the first time in her 18 years of life. “ ~Jody Prunty Sophie “Surfin” in 2012 during her Make A Wish trip! SOPHIE PRUNTY’s Journey With Nutriiveda Original by Jody Prunty At this writing Sophie Prunty is 18 years old. My husband Rick and I were... 

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One Child With Autism, One Child With Apraxia, And The Secret To Their Success

Friday, March 23, 2012

“I have one child that was diagnosed with autism and one child that was diagnosed with apraxia or dyspraxia.  I’m going to share the secret to our success!” ~Kelly Cole Jilly is a happy baby Jillian is my younger child and is currently 3 and a half years old with a diagnosis of apraxia or dyspraxia and she has been in therapy through Early Intervention since she was 18 months old. History For Jillian Jillian’s was an easy, full term pregnancy, that I just knew she would be a perfect baby.  We welcomed her into the world on August 23, 2008.  The only set back during labor... 

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Due to the results shared on this website, NV is in preclinical research! Pursuit of Research strives to promote good nutrition from foods that provide essential nutrients for it’s therapeutic benefits, with an emphasis on those individuals with neurologically based impairments and conditions. Our primary function is to act as the fundraising entity of the CHERAB Foundation which is working to improve the communication skills, education, and advocacy of the verbally disabled. When... Read More


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NV is a nickname for a product called Nutriiveda- but since the Fall of 2009, thousands of families have been  using the original formula- so it’s sometimes called NV original. NV original is an all natural food product endorsed by the Chopra Center for Well Being. All ingredients are foods which are well known as healthy and benign, […]



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We know that some of what you read may sound too good to be trueso we asked one of our parents who is a producer for a CBS TV news station if we can publish her own son’s improvements as “seeing is believing” From Gretchen Walsh, mom of Cooper: My son Cooper was diagnosed as […]


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“With a sophisticated neural network transmitting messages from trillions of bacteria, the brain in your gut exerts a powerful influence over the one in your head, new research suggests” WE’RE 90% MICROBIAL AND ONLY 10% HUMAN Some people wonder how feeding a child fish oil or NV can create changes so quickly.  Recent research suggests it may […]


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Nutritional Effects On Learning

"Now Colton brings me books to read"

“Nutrition isn’t a fleeting affair, we are, quite literally, what we eat as well as what our parents and even grandparents ate.” Randy L. Jirtle, Ph.D. Director of the Epigenetics and Imprinting Laboratory Duke University According to the Society for Neuroscience, Diet and the brain, from March of 2003, studies revealed that diets with high […]

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