Sample LettersTo Your Child's Teacher

Sample Letters To Your Child’s New Teacher For Apraxia Autism Or Any Special Need

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

“Teachers need as much parentel help as they can get. I appreciate parents who become involved in the learning process and interact with me about testing. If your teachers school has email for the instructors as my school does email can be an easy way to find out just what is each teacher doing with your child.” ~Teacher and parent of child with apraxia Personalize The Letter When you find a letter you like,  tweak to fit for your child, don’t copy word for word.  Also make sure to include (depending upon the age) information on the communication book. If you have a child with... 

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Tanner found this leaf and tried to say the word -leaf- but it came out -la- If he says -la- and points to a leaf he probably means leaf. (1)

The Communication Book

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

  One of the best ways of keeping everyone in the loop is through a “communication book.” It’s the child’s diary, except that there may be half a dozen different contributors If you don’t know what a communication book and you have a child that has a communication impairment, this will be much needed information from my book The Late Talker PUT IT IN WRITING As it is so difficult for your late-talking child to communicate, it’s up to all of the adults in his life to keep in touch with each other and let each other know about the part of his day that they have shared. One of... 

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comes after (2)

VPD Support

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

“It’s hard to know for my guy if it’s cleft related or apraxia related sometimes. He still has the same voice. And some days I can understand more than others.”~ Amanda   Your child just got diagnosed with something that had a long name.  You’re driving home now and your mind is swimming in confusion, doubt, sadness, and at the same time relief you may now have answers.  What was that name.  It’s written down in the notes you have but you can’t recall it.  But the nurse said you can refer to it as VPD.   Google will help you navigate to the... 

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please show your kindness and do not stare - he is just a boy trying to fight his illness (2)

How To Answer, “What’s Wrong With Him?” Part 2

Friday, July 22, 2016

“Rude comments sometimes are what most of us have said before when seeing a bad display in a store-just because I now know different doesn’t mean that I used to stand behind some tantruming child and think “poor thing – I wonder if he has profound communication difficulties that impair his ability to rationalize this situation appropriately !!” LOL if !!!!” ~Deborah In part one we dealt with people asking you what’s wrong with your child out of concern or curiosity.  These are people who are not meaning to hurt you or your child by asking, “What’s... 

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Don't Test Ability On A Disability

Don’t Test Ability On A Disability

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Testing your child’s ability on their disability is a violation of your child’s civil rights in the United States.  You’d think it wouldn’t happen then, but you’d think wrong if you are talking about communication impairments.  When speaking in regards to civil rights I like to refer to communication impairments as a verbal disability.  A disability can be temporary or permanent. Outside of a hearing impairment, where there are laws in place, for most others with a temporary or permanent verbal disability there is a good chance a verbal based test was used to judge... 

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-What's Wrong With Him--

How To Answer, “What’s Wrong With Him?” Part 1

Thursday, July 14, 2016

“Does he ever talk? Why isn’t he saying hello? Is there something wrong with him?” Always be prepared for it if you have a child with a communication impairment. You start to get a sense of when that question is coming from a well meaning (or rude) stranger. Sometimes it’s when someone hears how your child communicates, or there will be a few other questions first like, “Is he deaf?” or maybe you aren’t prepared when a stranger asks your child “how old are you?” and then asks when your child doesn’t respond before you have a chance to... 

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Easy Tips: Teach Your Child To Swallow Pills

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

“With the water and his head back -poof the water and the M&M mini were gone!” Well maybe you need to teach your child to swallow all kinds of pills, but I personally was motivated because I gave my boys fish oils.  If you serve fish oils to your preschool child you already know that fish oils and toddlers don’t mix too well as I have here. I have great news for the pin piercing, fish oil capsule squeezing, or fish oil pouring onto a spoon crowd! Some tips on how to teach your child that is older than 6 years old to swallow fish oil capsules, and (drum roll please) even if... 

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Organic Oreos With- Organic -Water Anyone-

Organic Oreos With Organic Water

Friday, July 8, 2016

The original definition of the word organic from the 18th century is: “the condition of being ordered as a living being.” While a blow drier, a fork, and a toenail clipper are not organic, yet, we now have organic Oreos, organic water, and organic Kraft mac and cheese. Manufacturers know that consumers see the word organic and assume it’s healthy, regardless of what it is.  As Josh Bloom. a  senior director of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences at the American Council on Science and Health, recently wrote for the Chicago Tribune “Market research seems to have reached... 

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The Moment I Realized (1)

The Moment I Realized My Son Had Special Needs

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sometimes things hit you like a ton of bricks, other times it can be something as subtle as the question “hot dog or hamburger?” ~Lisa Geng Tanner and his older brother Dakota hugging I knew from the moment I saw my older son that there was something profoundly wrong.  He entered the world with a traumatic delivery which caused the first part of his life to start in the ICU overseen by various neurologists, in therapy from just weeks old.  Strangers used to look at him and start crying, frequently.  So there was never a doubt that my older son had special needs by anyone as he had... 

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A host of common chemicals endanger child brain development

Report: A Host Of Common Chemicals Endanger Child Brain Development

Sunday, July 3, 2016

“Our mothers were told to worry about the 4 basic food groups, and we’re told to worry about pesticides, preservatives, corn syrup, saturated fat, sodium, sugar, gluten, genetically modified, hormones, AAAHHHHH!!!  How do I feed my kids without poisoning them?!” ~Odd Mom Out: Jill Kargman Children in America today are at an unacceptably high risk of developing neurodevelopmental disorders that affect the brain and nervous system including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intellectual disabilities, and other learning and behavioral disabilities. These... 

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  Pursuit of Research strives to promote good nutrition from foods that provide essential nutrients, with an emphasis on functional foods for those individuals with neurologically based impairments and conditions.  Most don’t understand the evidence between nutrition and cognition, and the gut/brain connection.  Food changes gut bacteria in as quick as one day.  The primary function of Pursuit of Research is to provide hope and education, and to  share healthy... Read More



Late Talkers, Silent Voices

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HALF OF THE FUNDS ARE NEEDED BY APRIL 15TH IN ORDER TO SHOOT OUR FILM ABOUT CHRIS ULMER IN MAY. PLEASE DONATE TODAY.  40 Million Americans have a communication disorder – 1 in 12 are school-age children​. Millions of kids struggle with expressive, receptive, fluency or voice issues – they struggle to be heard and to […]


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Metabolomics: You Are What You Eat


“Diet definitely impacts a person’s metabolites. They can see which foods cause what kinds of metabolic changes and how that evolves over time. It will be very informative to see how what you eat determines what you are chemically.” NASA’s Human Research Program released the video “Metabolomics: You Are What You Eat” to highlight its Twins Study […]


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Eating Clean To Protect The Brain


“So you recommend that pregnant women eat organic produce?” I asked Grandjean, a Danish-born researcher who travels around the world studying delayed effects of chemical exposure on children. “That’s what I advise people who ask me, yes. It’s the best way of preventing exposure to pesticides.” Grandjean estimates that there are about 45 organophosphate pesticides […]

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